Identity, Blogging, and How They Tie Together

This post is maybe going to be too meta – blogging about blogging – but I want to stay real with you guys and write about what’s been going on in this little old mind of mine.

Blogging has been a really eye-opening, interesting experience for me. First off, it’s challenged me to really get vulnerable…to put myself out there for anyone in the world to mock or laugh at or disagree with. To throw myself into this idea that has every possibility of failing. To put a bunch of work into something that could be read by zero people. To not know if this whole thing is doing good for you, or for me.

It’s also taught me a lot about me. Just like, me, in general. I’ve had to think a lot about the design of the blog, what I will write about, what pictures I’ll use, how I’ll advertise and where, how personal is too personal and how professional is too professional. In an effort to draw people to my blog, I have to think about what draws me to other peoples’ blogs, and why those blogs appeal to me. I have to think about my values – what I deem important to write about and what just isn’t.

It’s like some big, internal puzzle I’m trying to solve. Trying to define the pieces of me and how they fit into the pieces of you. Maintaining an authentic voice has always been important to me – but what even is my authentic voice? There’s the Lindsey that loves comedy and goofiness and the Lindsey that loves to be a professional go-getter and the Lindsey that loves to read great literature and write like a wannabe classic author. When you have so many voices, which do you use? And how can you possibly convey to your audience of strangers that each voice is truly authentic?

It’s given my longing for creativity a new meaning. It’s shown me that creative projects are always going to be worth it, whether they are good or bad or loved by everyone or hated by anyone. Either way, my creative projects will always teach me something about myself. They’ll help shape and define my idea of who I am and what I like and what I find important.

I’m pretty sure that’s always worth it.

An Introduction
So I’m sitting here, hair pulled back, coffee in hand, thinking, “Alright. Here I am. I’m gonna do this.”

Kind of heavy thoughts on the morning of starting a blog — which is literally something that anyone with a computer and thoughts can do — but I don’t take blogging lightly. It’s something that I’ve tried many times, sometimes getting further than others. I’ve experimented with more journal-type, omg-lets-talk-about-my-life blogging, and I’ve tried more structured, purposeful blogging.

And even when the blogs eventually fizzled out, I repeatedly felt the pull to go back to them. To try again. To really think about it and get it right this time.

I’m here to tell you I’ve thought about it. A lot. I’ve explored my goals and questioned my motives, and I’ve continually refined my vision for this blog over the past month. I’ve got a notebook full of scrambled thoughts, written down sloppy and quick, before they left my mind. I’ve got plans — big plans.

I’ve been inspired by so many women on the internet. Women who make me want to be creative, write, cook, drink good wine, travel, be funny, dress well. And I have true gratitude for the parts of me that those women nourish.

I realized, though, that the biggest passion of mine was neglected in my travels through the blogosphere. In college I majored in English/creative writing and Psychology. I was able to read poetry blogs and fiction book reviews and find incredible writing inspiration online. The psychology-minded part of me wasn’t as lucky. There just wasn’t as much out there. Yes, there are so many great blogs with mental health facts and resources and information, and personal stories of mental illness that are incredibly inspiring.

But what I was looking for was simply inspiration to live a mentally healthy life, for both individuals with mental illness and those without. Fashion blogs inspire women to find their personal style. Food blogs inspire women to try new recipes and host dinner parties. Fitness blogs inspire women to stay active and care for their bodies. I’m here to give you a mental health and wellness blog to inspire you to live an intentional life of mental wellness, every day.

Fashion blogs inspire women to find their personal style. Food blogs inspire women to try new recipes and host dinner parties. Fitness blogs inspire women to stay active and care for their bodies.

With a Masters degree in Social Work and experience providing counseling, I’m educated in many therapeutic approaches. But the thing I have discovered is that living a life of mental wellness takes nurturing, and it takes effort, and it’s a continual process of self-awareness and reflection. It’s lifelong work. I think our minds are like our own little gardens — with so much potential to grow and make our lives beautiful, if we care for them the right way.

I hope you’ll take something meaningful from this blog. I think we can have some fun.