Hi, My Name is Lindsey.

I’ve started this blog with one major, absolute, bursting-out-of-me intention – to create a space for strong & motivated women to find positive mental health inspiration.

Mental Health Inspiration 1

I am an Associate Clinical Social Worker in Los Angeles, fresh out of Social Work gradate school in Austin, Texas. While training to become a clinical social worker, our professors taught us evidence-based psychotherapy modalities, helpful exercises for self-growth, and different ways of dealing with our own self-care and response to life’s challenges. They would tell us to put these practices into our “toolboxes” – our mental gallery of ideas to take with us when working with clients.

Living out of state for graduate school led to countless catch up sessions with my loved ones, where we’d talk about both life excitements and stresses. I’d find myself repeating to them ideas that I had learned in my professional training…different self-care techniques, communication strategies, and ways to deal with common life pressures. I realized how lucky I was to have this “toolbox” of strategies, and how much I believed that every person should have easy access to positive coping mechanisms.

I want to share with you some of the things I have learned as a mental health student and professional. The therapy room is a sacred, safe space, and I do not recommend this blog as a substitute for professional counseling. My goal with this blog is to simply raise awareness about different positive mental health ideas and strategies and make them accessible to the every-woman, wherever she is. I want this blog to inspire women to live a mentally healthy life in the same way that countless blogs inspire us to live physically healthy ones. I believe that every woman is capable of living her fullest, most inspired life – and that there are a few secret mental weapons that can help her get there.

Mental Health Inspiration 2

I want to use this blog to reach women who want to be the best versions of themselves. Women who are as inspired by science-based mental health facts and strategies as much as they are by just making a plan, trying something different, and seeing how it turns out.

This blog is a space where education meets experimentation.

Where motivation meets mistakes.

Where inspiration meets growth.

Where sadness meets joy, and finding comfort in the spaces between.

I hope that you’ll find something of value here – something that leaves you feeling bubbly in the pit of your stomach, that makes you want to make a positive, personal change. Or maybe even something that pulls at your heart a little bit. Something that makes you want to call your mom. Something that makes you want to put your hair up and make a second cup of coffee. Something that makes you feel like you aren’t alone.

So, you wanna stay on top of your mental wellness game. So do I. Let’s do it together, shall we?

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