2016: New Year, New Goals


There’s nothing like the beginning of a new year for me. Honestly, I get giddy at the thought of all of the possibilities ahead. A fresh year, an untainted start, a chance to achieve something that makes me proud and makes me better.

It doesn’t matter if it’s January 1st or not, but I like the excuse of it – all of the articles that start popping up about goal-setting and self-improvement, and the buzz of optimism in friends, family, and, maybe even for once, the feared and dreaded “comment section.”

My main goal for 2016 is to practice intentional self-care every single day. I know myself, and I know it would be way too ambitious to set a goal for an hour of self-care a day or something.

Sometimes I’m too busy, and sometimes I’m honestly just in a bad mood. When making my 2016 goals, I want to plan for those days and be gentle with myself, allowing some room for flexibility and flow.

I want to practice self-care in some way every day, and that can range from anywhere between ten minutes to a whole entire day.

This year, I also want to find a fitness plan that works for me. I am all about mental health (which is hopefully clear by now??) but I have admittedly fallen short of taking care of my physical health. I don’t struggle with illness or with my weight and I’ve never been very into sports, so I think I’ve just never really had a reason to commit to fitness. I know that working out is still incredibly beneficial for increasing mood, and I want my insides to be strong and healthy. This year, I want to incorporate working out into my self-care routine, and find a form of exercise that fits my preferences and lifestyle.

As for some smaller (but still very important!) goals, this year I’d like to:

  • Read 15 books
  • Be a guest blogger for 2 websites
  • Continue posting to Morning Wellness twice a week
  • Maintain a weekly budget
  • Learn about nutrition & create more balanced meals
  • Visit a city I’ve never seen

I know that, in order to actually achieve these goals, I need to be all about preparation, habit cultivation, and developing routines. If I get lazy after work and waste time on my phone laying around, I won’t be able to follow through – and sometimes it’s really hard not to get lazy! I’m hoping that my previous posts about making SMART goals and creating a self-care calendar will help me stay on track.

So now it’s your turn (because I genuinely do want to hear it)…what are your 2016 goals? And does anyone have any tips about staying motivated to work out? I think that one will be my biggest challenge!

5 thoughts on “2016: New Year, New Goals

  1. Oh my gosh this is so sweet!! Thank you so much. Little things like this really keep me motivated and inspired to continue writing ❤ thank you for your kindness and I hope this year brings you big things!!

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  2. No problem! I really do love your blog and your writing.<3 My next scheduled blog post has some quotations from your post; don't worry — I linked your account to my post 🙂


  3. I have a few goals also this year.
    1) get heathier, I need to be more careful with my food intake. I need to lose some weight and get moving
    2) save, I am going to do one of the saving challenges and have in budget a set amount to save monthly
    3) finish getting out of debt. Was there but got hit by several things and didn’t have a fund to take care of them. I will never let that happen again and no matter how hard I will have it paid off this year.
    4) pay myself first. Even if it is only $10 a pay. It is mine to save or spend as I please. I will be saving it because I do have a few wants ( no needs) and this is the only way I can get them.
    5) I want to expand my garden this year. Goal plant all the food my family needs( I know this can’t happen this year. We live in a city and I want land so I am working very hard towards that goal for the next few years. Who knows I could be blessed and find something or be given land by someone. I leave that in God’s hands while I keep trying to save.
    As you can see it is all about being healthy and saving, oh and also learning
    6) learn a new language
    Thanks for listening and I will achive these goals.


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